Are There Hemp Farms in New York?

Are There Hemp Farms in New York?


Although New York has some pretty strict laws in place in regards to hemp growers and CBD products, there are definitely hemp farms in New York. Being one of the greatest states in the country, NY, is dedicated to providing support and resources for the hemp farming communities. In fact, as the popularity of CBD rises, hemp is becoming quite the boom for New York hemp farmers.

The CBD Industry is Hot

The people that have been pushing for hemp to become decriminalized must have known the value of CBD long before the craze came into effect. CBD is a cannabinoid that is derived from the hemp plant. Within each hemp extract, there is a wide variety of other cannabinoids, flavonoids, and terpenes that come together to form a full-spectrum hemp product. One of the cannabinoids that is present in a full-spectrum extract is THC. THC is regulated by the FDA and is only allowed to be 0.3% content in the hemp plant. Although THC is considered dangerous by some people, CBD is considered to have benefits such as relief from stress and discomfort. A large part of the population today obviously believes in the benefits that CBD has to offer because literally hundreds of millions of people all over the world buy it every day. The profits from hemp are projected to be more than 23 billion dollars per year in the next five years.

Rich Fertile Grounds

The state of New York has plenty of magnificent lands that are rich with essential nutrients and will allow for the growth of healthy plants. Sustainable soil and farmlands are key factors for the successful growth of high-grade hemp. Not to mention, the weather conditions have to be favorable for a particular type of plant to grow and become healthy. Not only is the potential for a huge profit available for hemp farmers, but the ground itself in many of the rural areas in New York is pristine and great for producing high-grade hemp. 

Harvesting the Hemp Plant in New York

When it comes time to harvest hemp in the state of New York the farmers have to know what they are doing in order to ensure that they pull a great crop and can manufacture hemp extract products that are of high-quality and within the legal standards. If the farmer waits too long to harvest a hemp crop, the THC levels of the plant can go above the legal 0.3% limit that is currently regulated. If the farmer harvests the crops too soon, they can end up getting a crop that has a low CBD content. Here lies the balance between a good hemp farmer and a bad one. A wise hemp farmer will watch over the crops and take tests that gauge the quality and the maturity of the crop so they can make an educated determination of the perfect time to harvest and dry the hemp plants.

Correctly drying hemp is crucial also because if the plants sit too long without ventilation and heat, molds and mildews will develop on them and could contaminate the whole extraction. Hemp farmers really have to know what they are doing, or they could lose a lot of money behind mistakes.

The High Falls Hemp NY Hemp Farm

Among the leading hemp farms and production companies in New York, one of the most successful is High Falls Hemp, NY. There is a reason for their success. They care about the hemp that they grow and the products that they produce from that hemp. They believe that from seed to soul, all CBD products should be grown and cared for with the highest regard for the people that are going to use them. So, yes. There are hemp farms in New York. However, if you are going to use CBD products, make sure it comes from a respected company that cares about the people that it serves.