Roast Meat

How Safe Is Too Much Roast Meat?


Roast meat is one of the favorite delicacies during the festive seasons or at parties. Most roast meat is beef, but it can also be chicken meat, mutton, or any other. Every bar and restaurant worth its name should have a grill for roasting meat because roast beef and beer are inseparable. They say roast meat is the shock absorber cushions them against getting drunk too soon.

At weekend parties, there is a grill at the sidelines where you dash to get roast meat. Or, a chopping board would be doing the rounds from table to table.

It is good to have fun, but it is good to remember that roast meat is not that healthy.

Roast Meat and Cancer

If you overeat roast meat, you could be endangering your life because roast meat causes cancer. Now, meat, any meat, is not healthy if not eaten moderately. But the problem with the roast meat begins with the roasting procedure.

As the fat from the meat drips on the charcoal, a carcinogenic chemical called polycyclic is formed, which rises back to the meat. Its aromatic hydrocarbons stick on the meat surface, which already contains heterocyclic amine, another harmful compound. These chemicals unite in a chain of chemical reactions that put you at a higher risk of developing colon, rectum, or pancreas cancers.

Moreover, you can also be prone to hypertension or a heart attack if you continue to consume much roast meat. Diabetes is already said to originate from unchecked roast meat-eating.

So before you sink your teeth into the aromatic, smoky, and mouth-watering chunks of meat, pause to wonder what causes the irresistible aroma.

The raw salt is usually consumed with roast meat, spread on its charred surface to add taste. However, raw salt leads to high blood pressure. Beer and roast meat also work hand in hand in your body to cause painful arthritis called gout.

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The Solution

While too much meat-eating is harmful to your health, fried or boiled white meat is better than roast meat of any kind. Take the time to remove the charred surfaces of roast meat before eating it to minimize the damage. Eat roast meat sparingly; it shouldn’t become your stable food.

When roasting, also ensure the meat is a little higher on the grill over the charcoal. You should also consume your roast meat with salad for vitamins. Make sure the meat is entirely roasted. It is not uncommon to find a lump of beef only half-roast served to drunk customers who do not have the time to check how well-cooked the meat is.

If you already suffer from the mentioned complications related to over-consumption of roast meat, slow down, eat lots of vegetables, and exercise regularly to burn the body’s wastes.

You should also consider physiotherapy services if your condition is too complicated to be turned around easily. Cancer can distort your central nervous system, leading to poor quality of life. At a physiotherapy clinic, you can be trained to recover from your illness’s physical, spiritual, or psychological aspects.