What to Expect from Alcohol Rehab Center?

What to Expect from Alcohol Rehab Center?


When a person is admitted to alcohol rehab center, it means that person is beyond any reasoning and has no control on himself. He has tried many times to leave this habit but now this habit has turned towards addiction. For him, there is no other way then going to rehab center. A question arises what to expect in a rehab center? Check out the following:

First of all, alcoholic person is sent for detoxification. In general, detox meaning cleansing your body from all harmful toxins. In a rehab, detoxification means the patient won’t be given any alcohol for 2 weeks. Now the person was habitual of drinking alcohol without break. Even if he had tried to leave this habit, he had maximum left it for few days only then had given in to the urge. Here at rehab, he will be strictly monitored and won’t be given any alcohol for almost two weeks.

Detoxification is one of the most difficult time for an addict. He will surely get withdrawal symptoms like having cold sweats, fast heartbeat, intense anxiety, vomiting, nausea, trembling in hands and body. In worse scenarios, the person could even get seizures and might have hallucinations. As you can see, these side effects can’t be treated at home so the patient must be under doctor’s observation. Sometimes doctors gave medicines that helps in these symptoms. Sometimes therapy could be enough and while living in strict environment where no alcohol is allowed helps a lot. Sometimes lack of alcohol leads the patient towards depression so the patient should be under strict monitoring of professionals.

Once the two weeks’ time period has passed, now the patient has developed some resistance against alcohol or even withdrawal symptoms are up to minimal. Now is the time for therapy. The therapy sessions at rehab center not only helps the patient to deal with the abstinence of alcohol but also how to quench the urge to pick the bottle.

The psychologist will try to find out the main reason of drinking and will try to make the patient accept it. For example, if the reason behind drinking is the death of some loved one, the psychologist will try to make the patient accept the death that it is inevitable. They will try to make the patient realize this is not the life that your deceased loved one would have wanted to live. Similarly, if the reason behind drinking is unemployment, the psychologist will help in building the moral of the patient.

In the rehab center, the patient mental and physical health is completely taken care of. Since it is a 24-hour facility, so friendly and cooperative nurses and staff will make the patient realize he has so much to live for so he would try his best in overcoming his addiction. Leaving the alcohol once is easy, the difficulty is in keeping sober.

If you or your loved one is alcoholic then you must visit a rehab center.