Calisthenics Program

4 Beginner-Friendly Exercises To Dive Into The Calisthenics Program


Want to jumpstart your Calisthenics journey but don’t know where to begin? Well, you are at the right place. We have curated this ultimate guide with four beginner-friendly exercises to make your way into Calisthenics. Don’t worry. There is no need to buy any specialized equipment as all these exercises can be done without spending a single penny. So, let’s dive into further details!

4 Easy Exercises To Do In A Calisthenics Program

Every Calisthenics program comes with some of the top exercises that help in training your body with a proper set of instructions. The four common exercises that can help you begin your Calisthenics journey are given below. So, let’s begin!

1.      Dips

Want to focus on your triceps to gain more strength for your push-ups? Opt for dips and strengthen your triceps muscles. To perform this exercise, you have to pick something solid and sturdy, like a bench. Put your hands on the edge of the bench so that they are positioned next to your hips. Now, extend your legs and slide your hips so that your body weight is supported by your hands on the bench.

Bend your elbows to lower your body, and then come back to complete one dip. In case you are not able to extend your legs, you can move your feet under your body and use them to support the body weight. You can curve your chest to further strengthen your triceps.

2.      Pull-ups

Pull-ups utilize the whole upper body strength but mainly focus on the lats and biceps. Performing a basic pull-up correctly needs proper technique. You have to get a pull-up bar to avoid any injuries to your hands. Stand below it and place your hands over it with an overhand grip.

Hang on the bar, and as the name suggests, pull up your body by bending your elbows until your chin is above the bar. Make sure that you don’t pull your body up with sudden jerks. You will build better muscle strength if you eliminate using the momentum to perform the whole exercise.

It is completely fine if you cannot complete the exercise on the first attempt. Build your upper body strength with chin-ups and then progress to pull-ups.

3.      Push-ups

A push-up is a compound exercise that utilizes both upper body and core muscles. It is a beginner exercise that comes with several variations. You have to position your whole body on your hands and toes on the floor to get into the starting position of the exercise.

Make sure that you don’t lock your elbows. Now contract your core muscles and lower your body by bending your elbows. Stop when your elbows make a 90o angle with the floor. Now push up with your hands to return back to your starting position.

4.      Pistol Squat

Pistol squat focuses on the hamstrings, glutes, quads, lower back, calves, and core muscles. In this exercise, you have to stand on your feet while extending your arms in your front at the shoulder level. Now raise your left leg and lower your body on the right leg to the point you can. Hold for a moment and come back to the starting position. You can perform several sets on one leg each or alternate the legs according to your choice.

Final Verdict

Now that you are well aware of all the top beginner-level Calisthenics exercises. It is time to get started since you really don’t require any equipment and only your body weight.