Important Things You Should Know About Dementia in 2023

Important Things You Should Know About Dementia in 2023


Dementia is a syndrome that refers to the inability to remember, think, or make decisions, and it affects lives worldwide. According to the World Health Organization (WHO), more than 55 million people live with dementia globally, and almost 10 million new cases are reported annually.

If your loved ones are at risk of developing dementia, you must understand a few things about the disease to protect them. Unfortunately, there is no cure for any form of dementia, but staying informed and implementing strategies to slow down the progression of the disease can help you keep your loved one safe. Here are a few important things you should know about dementia in 2023.

There are Developments in Treatments

Consistent research and attempts to learn more about dementia in its many forms offer reassurance to many families globally. Alzheimer’s disease is the most common form of dementia, and the treatments for the disease are improving.

Positive results from the global Phase 3 clinical trial of an Alzheimer’s drug, lecanemab, were announced in November 2022. The study found that the drug can slow the rate of cognitive decline by 27 percent over 18 months.

Learning about similar breakthroughs can help you stay up-to-date and make informed decisions when caring for someone with dementia.

Diet Plays a Role in Dementia Risk

Proper nutrition is vital to keeping the body healthy and preventing many diseases. The more processed food and sugar you consume, the risk of developing dementia is higher. So, the food you consume can also influence your cognitive function.

Although specific foods will not cause dementia or prevent it, certain items can increase or decrease your disk. For example, if an individual is experiencing memory problems or other symptoms that indicate signs of dementia, they can eat foods packed with nutrients to support cognitive function and slow down the progression of the disease. On the other hand, consuming highly processed items, excessive junk food, or sugar can negatively affect cognitive function.

There are Professionals Supports Available

Dealing with dementia can be overwhelming for individuals with the disease and the caregiver, but it can be helpful to know that there are many forms of professional support available today. As the world becomes more aware of the effects of dementia, memory care homes are continuously improving their level of support.

When you reach out to a reputable dementia care home like Sagecare, you will have access to the support you need to offer a comfortable life for your loved one. This specialized care home provides a home-like environment for all its residents, allowing them to age in place. The memory-engaging activities they offer and their registered nurses’ attention to seniors allow families to know their loved one is in good hands.

Consistent Education is Key to Raising Awareness

Dementia is prevalent in many parts of the world, so you must educate yourself to raise awareness about it. When you take the initiative to learn more about dementia, the progress of treatments, and ways to slow down its progression, you will be one step closer to keeping yourself and your loved ones safe.