Is there Pet CBD in NYC?

Is there Pet CBD in NYC?


As you can imagine, there are a lot of questions about pet CBD in NYC. Given the fact that there are several laws and regulations that stem from CBD use for humans, it is fair to wonder whether or not there are the same types of stipulations around using CBD for pets. Because of the strict laws that prohibit the sales of food or beverages that contain CBD in New York, do these laws apply to animals as well? You might be surprised at the answer.

CBD in New York

Besides all of the laws and regulations regarding the sales of CBD in the state of New York, CBD oils and CBD tinctures are perfectly legal. If you want to use CBD oils to create your own recipes and enjoy them in the privacy of your own home,  you are more than welcome to do that. However, companies are not allowed to sell food or drinks that contain CBD. This can make things a bit difficult for businesses that could gain a lot of revenue by offering these kinds of products, but all in all the sales of CBD in the state of New York are not suffering at all.

CBD for Pets

Due to the Coronavirus pandemic and so many public venues being shut down an overwhelming amount of citizens all over the country have been entertaining themselves by setting off illegal fireworks during celebrations. The 2020 Independence Day fireworks activity was higher than it has ever been. Even in the weeks leading up to the day, there was an exceptional amount of blasting and booming throughout the city. Pet owners suffer quite a bit from the effects that the loud booms cause their animals. Dogs can get very scared and even aggressive when they are presented with nonstop explosions for extended amounts of time. Millions of pet owners around the state of New York and the rest of the country turned to local pet stores to offer relief to their pets through the use of CBD products.

How Does CBD Calm Pets?

Every living being on the earth that has a spine has a system just beneath the skin that receives and sends messages throughout the body and nervous system. This system is known as the endocannabinoid system. It turns out that humans and animals alike have naturally-occurring chemicals that are very much like cannabinoids. These endocannabinoids communicate throughout the body via the receptors in the endocannabinoid system. Scientists believe that it is within this system that the cannabinoid, CBD, interacts with the human body in order to facilitate a state of homeostasis. What this means is that it is possible that CBD can help to provide relief from stress and discomfort within pets and humans. Thus far, there is not enough solid evidence to say that CBD actually does help with anything, but there are tons of believers that use it on a daily basis.

Where to Find Pet CBD

Since pets are generally much smaller than humans it is safe to assume that you will give them smaller doses of CBD when you administer it to them. With this being said, animals can be very sensitive to things that they take into their bodies. If you are going to give your pet CBD, make sure that it is of high-quality and comes from a trusted source. Find a hemp farm in New York that produces high-quality hemp products that are free of toxins, heavy metals, and dangerous pesticides. When you find a prospective company, take the time to examine the third-party lab results that they should have posted on their website. If you can’t find the posted results, either look for another supplier or ask them where they can be found. When you find a nice clean hemp supplier, stick with them so you won’t have to worry about the quality of CBD products that you put into your, or your pet’s body.