Latest Promotions & Refund Policy Update for Fun88 2023

Latest Promotions & Refund Policy Update for Fun88 2023


Get ready for some huge savings at Fun88 this year! We’ve recently updated our promotions and refund policy, making it even easier to save on your favorite games. With exclusive monthly deals that you won’t find anywhere else, a generous cashback policy, and zero cancellation fees – there’s never been a better time to join the Fun88 family. Our comprehensive guide to the latest Fun88 promotions and refunds will help you make the most of your next gaming experience. Read on to find out more!

Fun88 Promotions Updated 2023

New Recruits Join Betting And Receive 888k

Once you’ve successfully created your Fun88 account, don’t forget to verify your personal profile! This step is essential for receiving all the perks of being a Fun88 member – 888K in your Fun88 wallet and 25 spins, as well as an exclusive ELP jersey. Get signed up today and start unlocking the incredible rewards that come with being part of the Fun88 family.

Play Sports Im Get 3 Million

After topping up your Fun88 wallet and transferring the funds to IM Sports, take advantage of the incredible 30% bonus offer. Your bonus is linked to your deposit and can be transferred directly to your bank account – just remember that you must fulfill certain conditions in order to access this reward. Complete 15 free bets within the given timespan, and you’ll be able to withdraw your bonus money!

Get Sports Promotions Up To 150% Now

For Fun88 members who have successfully transferred funds to a sports wallet account, take advantage of the 150% bonus offer! This incredible bonus can be as much as VND 3.8 million – an amazing reward for doing what you love. Get signed up and start reaping the rewards today!

100% Gift At The Casino

Take advantage of the Fun88 casino’s 100% bonus offer when you make your first deposit! Deposit at least 200,000 VND to be eligible for up to five million VND in bonus funds. Sign up and start benefiting from this incredible offer today!

Play The Lottery And Get A 100% Bonus

Fun88’s 100% bonus offer is perfect for lottery players! Make your first successful transaction and you’ll get up to 888,000 VND in bonus funds.

All you need to do is transfer your deposit into the main account and then the wallet in the lottery – easy as that. Sign up now and start taking advantage of this limited-time offer!

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Fun88 Refund Policy


Fun88 Refunds Every Day

Make the most of your betting experience with Fun88 and its incredible daily cashback rebate promotion! All you have to do is take attendance – it’s that easy. You’ll receive a 0.3 – 0.5% refund on all your bets, so start taking advantage of this promotion now and enjoy even more rewards at Fun88!

Fun88 Refunds For Each Type Of Game

Join Fun88 now and take advantage of its special game-specific refunds! Get 0.8% cashback on Esports bets and unlimited 0.2% cashback on Poker games. The only requirement is a minimum revenue of 500,000 VND per day – easy as that! Sign up today and start taking advantage of these unbeatable promotions!

A Few Notes When Accessing Fun88 For Refunds

Participate in Fun88’s amazing promotions and get the most out of your betting experience!

Don’t forget to check your emails regularly to confirm the withdrawal of your promotions, and make sure you follow all the rules of the refund program.

Withdrawal times may vary, so be aware of the duration of each promotion to make sure you don’t miss out on any rewards!

The official website of Fun88 bookie in Thailand is

Conditions For Participating In Promotions & Refunds At Fun88

Fun88 has set up some conditions for players to be eligible for their promotions. These include verifying your identity and banking details, abiding by the rules of the refund program, and making sure you’ve followed the duration of each promotion. All these requirements are aimed at providing an enjoyable and safe experience for all participants – so make sure you meet them in order to get the most out of Fun88’s amazing offers!

Ask For Accurate, Authentic Information

If you want to get the most out of Fun88’s promotions, make sure all information about your account is accurate and verified. This includes registering an account name that matches your bank account name – third parties are not allowed to do this on your behalf. Doing so can help ensure smooth and seamless withdrawals and deposits during promotional periods.

Do Not Accept The Registration To Hold Promotional Slots

Fun88 Reward are attractive and can sometimes become overwhelming to participants.

If this happens, the bookie reserves the right to change the promotional plans without any responsibility for players. It is also important to note that cheating or fraud will not be tolerated – if detected, you may be fined and barred from participating in future promotions.

However, don’t worry – Fun88 always offers plenty of amazing promotions for everyone!

Promotions And Other Bonus Programs Cannot Be Used In Conjunction

If you want to take advantage of Fun88’s promotional offers, be sure to use up any existing bonuses in your wallet first.

Additionally, this promotion cannot be combined with other promotions – each account is only entitled to one bonus per address, email, or account. Don’t miss out on your chance to get the most out of Fun88’s amazing promotions!


In conclusion, Fun88’s new promotions and refund policy promise to be a great incentive for all players. With an extensive range of discounts and cashback available, you can look forward to making the most out of your gaming experience. We hope this guide has provided you with all the information you need to get up-to-date with our latest offers – so what are you waiting for? Sign up for Fun88 today and enjoy all the benefits!