Past Traumas

Neuroscience Helps in Healing from Past Traumas


Alongside the advancement in the ways of therapeutic treatments, in 2015 John Nolan successfully qualified as the world’s eighty eighth havening technique specialist. The following article shall provide you with a brief outlook on the havening therapy and how it shall help in recovering from past emotional memories.

What Is the Havening Therapy?

Havening therapy is best described as a powerful psycho sensory process that helps people to recover from any emotional stress that any past memory gives to them. Any kind of past limiting experience can be overcome by this therapeutic method.

Past Traumas

  • The therapy does not clear the memory of the patient. It only removes the negative impact that the recollection of that event has on the patient’s life.
  • It is a newly introduced remedy that can do what other therapies can not do. Anything about your past that holds you uncomfortable in the present can be overcome by this simple cure. You just need to visit the expert therapist today and acquire relief from that unpleasant experience.
  • The use of havening techniques has been providing people with all the aid they need to overcome the unpleasant traumas of the past.
  • It uses physical touch while aiming psychological healing and that makes it exceedingly effective and interesting. It can involve the use of EMDR that uses the lateral eye movements and is itself a psycho sensory therapy.

How Does It Work?

The therapy has the power to heal everything. It is the use of applied touch to alter the chemistry of our brain.

  • This altered chemistry gives the therapist a way to gain excess to the power of molding your bad memories or the negative impacts that your past memories create on your present. The therapist gains a power to biologically change the way the memories of our past have been stored.
  • The aim is to de link the emotional parts of a memory in your brain. This leaves the memory in your mind but it is no longer traumatic and you can easily move on in your present life.
  • The technique not only helps in altering memories but also enables a state of calmness in our body. The chemical changes that are caused by the therapy help in overcoming depression and anxiety in the long term as well. It makes your brain stronger and more resilient biologically in the long term.