The Best Mattress Toppers for Hot Sleepers: Top 8 List

The Best Mattress Toppers for Hot Sleepers: Top 8 List


If your mattress isn’t feeling as comfortable as it used to and you might simply want to get rid of the old mattress, consider a mattress pad or mattress topper as a simple fix. For many, mattresses can trap in warmth and feel super hot when the summer starts. Cooling mattress pads can make your mattress feel warmer and comfier. Mattress pads include a cozy surface with a little cushioning. Mattress toppers are often thicker and provide more cushioning. These mattress pads and toppers are from manufacturers we love and have advanced features for ultimate cooling. For sexy sleepers, our Textiles pros recommend searching for cooling technologies such as Outlast, which stores and releases body heat as needed, and 37.5, which functions by wicking away sweat before it creates.

The Importance of a Mattress Topper

During the summer, mattress toppers are an easy way to keep a cool sleeping pad, especially for hot sleepers. Cooling mattress pads don’t just feel good, they are beneficial. The idea behind cooling toppers is to prevent the heat from trapping and preserving moisture. Some materials release sweat and moisture from the body, while others work as a more traditional mattress protector. “If your mattress has a thick layer of batting, like the Cielo pillow, a cooling pad can help keep your heat and moisture trapped inside the mattress,” says Leah Snow, mattress expert and Good Housekeeping analyst. “It’s worth noting that to be successful, a cooling mattress pad should be a few inches thick, so that the pad can wick away sweat from the body.

What is a Mattress Topper?

A mattress topper adds a top layer of cushioning or other texturizing material to your mattress. They’re not intended to replace the mattress and they’re not designed to be a replacement for your mattress. A basic sheet is a better choice if you’re in the market for a mattress topper. Sign up for our shopping newsletter Get exclusive discounts, celeb inspo, & more. Sign Up How do mattress toppers differ? Mattress toppers come in different shapes and sizes. Some are inserted in place directly into your mattress, others are packaged in a zippered storage bag or hanging vertically from the headboard. For more moisture management, a sheet or a bag can keep the temperature in your room slightly lower than when you go to sleep. What mattresses are best for mattress toppers?

Types of Mattress Topper

There are a few types of cooling mattress pad or mattress topper. Soft: Soft options, which are made of natural materials like cotton or synthetic materials like polyester, can add warmth to your mattress, but in a good way. These pads are a good option for anyone who prefers a cooling mattress topper. Most have removable foam sections that help block heat from your body, so they’re easy to wash or remove when it’s time to air out your bedroom. Down: Down, the durable felt-like material that makes up a lot of the comforters in your parents’ home, is also a good option for a cooling mattress pad or topper. Most of the down-only options we found are adjustable, so you can get a better fit, depending on your mattress. Foam: This is the bulkier, thicker mattress pad.

Buying a Mattress Topper

It’s best to buy a mattress protector to reduce bacteria that can build up on your mattress. But if you’d prefer not to, you can buy mattress toppers separately.

The Best Mattress Toppers for Hot Sleepers: Top 8 List

The Best Mattress Toppers for Hot Sleepers

When it comes to cooling your mattress, a few more pointers can’t hurt. The reason mattresses can feel so hot after a night of sleeping is because heat raises your core body temperature, making you sweat. To keep your mattress at a comfortable temperature, put your pillow on top of your mattress protector for an extra barrier against odor and sweat. This summer, don’t sweat the small stuff. Our top eight picks are all summer-ready. with the brand’s patented three-layer cooling system. It’s great for bedding newbies looking to sweat less with less hassle.


Summer can get really hot in the house and on your mattress, so make sure to get the right amount of protection from heat, drafts and skin-to-fabric friction. This is a sponsored post by a brand mentioned above. The manufacturer did not influence the content or review. All opinions are our own.