What is so Cool About Vaping?

What is so Cool About Vaping?


As we advance in technology the new trend that has set in is that of vaping. So what is the big deal with it? Why is there so much noise about it? Those who have used it;like it and many more want to try. A few are against it also. So what is the matter? Vapes are a new way of using nicotine. No no, they are not just e-cigarettes alone. There is much more to it. You need to know more to understand how it works and why is it different than traditional cigarettes.

So, What is Vaping?

When the nicotine is used in vapor form this is vaping. The device used for this purpose just heats the tobacco enough to create vapor and not burn it. So, there is no cloud of smoke. If a vaper sits next to you, you may not even notice unless you know how the vape device looks like. The trendiest ones include RELX vape and so on. Ther is a use of a device and refillable relx pods in it. These pods are filled with vaping juice or e-juice. These juices come in various number of flavors for people to enjoy. Once the user pulls in from the mouthpiece the device is started. Thereafter the vapors come out. Mostly there is a button for this purpose. But the newer versions start with just a click. And soon the vapors are formed. The speed of the vapor formation is enough for a person to enjoy the puffs slowly and enjoy the satisfaction.

Why Is There An Increase In Vape Users?

Vaping gives a person the feelingof content for longer. The vapors do not hit the throat but go straight down. So, the craving for nicotine returns after a longer interval. The people trying to quit smoking are also turning vapers. And those who like to look cool are definitely taking up the RELX vapes. They click pics and upload them for their friends to see, this has become a trend. The youngsters like to experiment and so they do try loads of different flavors and take a pic with each. A single device can be used to try different flavors. All you have to do is buy a different RELX pod and there you go. You can enjoy a fruity flavor like watermelon or vanilla, or even so sweet, and try bubble gum. There is the use of nicotine salt in the e-liquid. This makes the whole experience very smooth and the people who use it love it. A set of people also believe that since there is no burning so maybe the toxin release is lesser and it may be considered better if not safe. The look of these devices is very cool and sleek. It is easy to carry and the batteries can be recharged after a full day’s use. so even if you travel you can carry it with you and enjoy it when you like, wherever you like.