3 Popular Cosmetic Trends Expected For 2021

3 Popular Cosmetic Trends Expected For 2021


2020 year has been quite a year, changing our lifestyles, daily routines and habits due to the coronavirus pandemic. On top of this, our plans for 2020 with holidays booked and surgical appointments registered also took a halt with them having to be postponed or cancelled.

Normality as we know it is likely to be is unlikely to return for quite some time, but thankfully, we are likely to see many areas remain preserved as we head into 2021, including plastic surgery, which has been popular for many years now and likely receive a boom the coming months once full procedures are able to restart again despite what we’ve witnessed in 2020.

There are specific needs and trends that change year on year which can change how we see ourselves. As a result, we see different cosmetic procedures increase and decrease in popularity over time. For 2021, let’s take a look at what trends are likely to be popular in 2021.

Breast Augmentation Will Be An Eager Procedure

Many patients were stripped away of the opportunity to enhance the appearance of their breasts in 2020, with many expecting to use the procedure as a chance to show off on their holidays. There are 2 types of breast augmentation Manchester procedures; breast implants or a fat transfer to the breasts from other parts of the body.

It’s considered one of the most popular procedures within cosmetic surgery and with the backlog of patients waiting for their previously scheduled procedure to take place, and those planning to have them in 2021, there’s likely to be a large influx of patients for this procedure.

The Continuing Rise Of Rhinoplasty Procedures

Social media continues to play a big part for many patients and their cosmetic surgery choices. In recent years, there’s been an increasing popularity of rhinoplasty procedures due to celebrity culture.

Whilst the traditional rhinoplasty has continued to be popular for many patients, the development of technology and introduction of non-surgical rhinoplasty has come to the fore as patients try to reduce risk of surgical mishaps with noninvasive procedures.

Liposuction For Men And Women

2020 has perhaps been the year for weight gain with many of us having to resort to staying or working from home for the earlier parts in the year due to preventing the spread of the virus. As such, many of you may be looking for quick solutions to your weight gain issues.

3 Popular Cosmetic Trends Expected For 2021

For both men and women, this is likely to be a popular choice for many patients. It can tackle many areas in the body including abdominal areas, hips, sides and the lower back. However, it’s worth noting that liposuction isn’t an overall solution to weight loss.

Final Thoughts

Cosmetic surgery in Manchester has been one of the industries that has been massively hit this year with practices having to close and appointments being on hold. We are now beginning to see signs that normality is improving. We’ve seen approvals of vaccinations and in some countries, we’ve actually seen a full normalization of society, which is really positive to see.

For 2021, the procedures above will be considered the trends that will reach new heights as patients strive to meet their needs from the different procedures available. As an important note, before considering cosmetic surgery you should first take steps to research the procedure before going ahead and making the choice.