8 Myths About Consuming Alcohol

8 Myths About Consuming Alcohol


From on-going research, we know so much about alcohol and the risks associated. Drinking too much can create learning and memory issues, impaired driving ability, violent behaviour, injury, unsafe sex practice, suicide attempt, overdosing and addiction (requiring alcohol rehab).

However, despite all this knowledge about the effects of alcohol, myths remain which can interfere with people recognising a problem and receiving help. By clearing up these myths, people can hopefully drink more responsibly.

What are Myths Associated with Alcohol?

It Makes Everyone React in the Same Way. 

This is untrue. People react to things differently – like most things in life. Many things affect the way someone reacts to alcohol including height, gender, and weight. However, body chemistry, metabolism, and tolerance levels also play a role – even things such as what you have eaten that day!

Older People Can’t Develop a Drinking Problem.

Alcohol Use Disorder can affect anyone, and over the past 10 years, the number of people developing a drinking problem over the age of 65 has been rising.

Furthermore, middle-aged people who develop an alcohol problem have a significantly higher chance of committing suicide compared to those who are younger.

Binge Drinking Every So Often is ok. 

Binge drinking is consuming 5 or more alcoholic beverages within a couple of hours.

It doesn’t matter what type of alcohol you are drinking, or on which days. But if you are binge drinking twice a week, you might be struggling with an alcohol problem.

Heavy alcohol use is defined as binge drinking 5 or more days within a month.

Mixing Drinks Affects your Hangover.

Remember the saying “beer before wine and you’ll be fine, wine before beer and you’ll be queer”? Or “grape or grain, but never the twain”? However, mixing drinks is not the reason why your hangover is so bad.

When people are mixing drinks, they are more likely to be consuming higher quantities of alcohol, and for a longer period. This alone is enough to make your hangover feel pretty horrendous.

Beer Doesn’t Get you as Drunk. 

One pint of beer, and one serving of wine, or one spirit and mixer each contains around the same number of units. They are all considered a standard measure containing the same amount of alcohol.

The myth only standard true when you take it very literally. If you were to drink a pint of beer compared to a pint of vodka, the latter is going to get you far more intoxicated.