Best Sober Communities in the U.S.

Best Sober Communities in the U.S.


Being a recovering addict is a tough situation to have to go through. This is why when you are in the recovery process, you should be in a place where you have access to AA/NA meetings and lower percentages of alcohol and/or drug abuse. Sober living communities are places where you go while you are in between recovery. These places help to reinforce the lessons that have been learned in rehab. Unfortunately, finding a sober living community that fits your needs may be tough. However, there are quite a few different locations that are highly recommended for you.

Harlem, NY

If you are or you know a teenager who is struggling with addiction, then Harlem, NY would be a good option for you. Harlem has established academies that take the combination of schools and community resources to make an impressive program. Because of Harlem’s model, the creation of the largest school-community prevention system in the entire country was created, it’s called Communities in Schools. Following in Harlem’s path is Atlanta, Georgia with their PRIDE Survey.

Nashville, TN

If you would rather go somewhere secluded and in the country, Nashville, TN would be the place to do. They have great pride in their sober living communities. Not only do they have the largest number of support clubs and gatherings, but they also have one of the lowest alcohol consumption rates in the entire nation.

Delray Beach, FL

Delray Beach, FL is the home to one of the most thriving sober living communities in the U.S. The town is small, so recovering addicts are able to make valuable friendships that last. They offer a large number of affordable halfway houses and once was dubbed the recovery capital of America. There are over 5,000 people who attend sober support group meetings weekly.

Orange County, CA

Orange County is home to some of the most beautiful scenery and weather in the U.S. Typically when someone is looking for inpatient rehab centers in California this is often where the search starts and stops. The weather and location right next to the Pacific Coastal Highway makes Orange County not only a popular place for people to go to rehab but also a popular place for people to stay after treatment and start a new life. The sober community in Orange County, CA is alive and well.

 Yakima, WA

Lastly, we have Yakima, WA. Here, the treatment and prevention centers share funding equally,ensuring that no recovery program is ever closed down or forced out of business. Not to mention, in the last 5-years, their Drug-Free Communities Coalition has successfully decreased drug abuse by almost half.

If you or somebody you know is looking to become involved with sober living communities, consider each one of these locations. They all have their own individual characteristics, but they have been rated as the best for a reason-they’re ideal for sober living