Blaming Yourself for The Addiction of Another

Blaming Yourself for The Addiction of Another


It is quite a common phenomenon among the relatives and friends of people who are addicts to blame themselves for the situation their loved one is going through. Unfortunately, this does not exactly help you get.

What the Experts Will

Across the world, there are countless of different rehab centers for pretty much everything. Alcohol is is he one of the worst addictions out there. Now, alcohol rehab professionals have actually met this particular situation many times through their career.

Andy there is one thing that they always tell the people closest to the addicts is the fact that, by blaming themselves they are actually making things what was for the person who is in rehabilitation and is trying to get better.

Added Weight is not Good

You see the moment a person decides to go to rehab they are coping with the fact that, they have a problem and they need to get wind of the problem. As long as they know that the problem involves only around them, it is easier for them to battle it.

However, the moment they start believing that their problem can actually affect other people, people they love, dealing with it could either become a lot easier because they will simply try to make things easier for their loved ones or a lot worse because they will start blaming themselves for more than just their addiction.

Stop Blaming Yourselves

You see, by blaming yourself you’re just creating a very anxious environment for the addict. You’re not really helping them to recover. On the contrary, you could even throw them deeper in the pit and actually make them want to use again as a way to forget about the problem.

One thing that you definitely need to stop doing therefore is to stop blaming yourselves. There is absolutely no reason for you to believe that you are the reason for someone else’s addiction. The addict chose to use the alcohol or drugs on their own.

What you can do however is to try and help them. Show them that they are loved, show them that they have someone that will care for them no matter what. Show them that you will always be there for them. That is what you need to do to help the addict.

After the problem appears there is no reason to place blame. What you can do now is simply move on and try to fix everything.