Does Waist Training Really Work?

Does Waist Training Really Work?

Weight Loss

If you want to understand whether waist trainers really work, you need to know how they work in the first place. Compared to the steel bond corset previously worn in the past, waist trainers today are created using supple latex thus they are wide elasticated belts. They are designed to bring out amazing curves and are often used for weight loss and as a fashion item.

Corset training can be traced back even to the Victorian times but waist training is relatively new. It has been brought to the limelight by celebrities, particularly the Kardashians. There is evidence that the Victorian corsets can actually alter body shape but there is the unending question whether the waist trainers can actually produce the same results. Here is what you need to know.

Flaws In The Theory Behind Waist Training Claims

Manufacturers recommend that waist trainers should be worn 8 hours every day, especially when you are working out. The principle behind how they work is that they create thermogenesis in your body that melts away the fat and removes the toxins and impurities present through sweat.

This theory, however, can’t be backed up by any scientific data. Actually, some of the success stories you will find online are probably because people took smaller meals or took foods that allow flat tummies. That’s because it’s quite uncomfortable to eat a larger meal in the waist trainer. Combine these results with losing water weight because of sweating and you will think you have lost weight permanently.

Weight Redistribution

Any type of compression that you wear will instantly make you look smaller. That explains what a waist trainer does to your waist. However, there are some waist trainers if not worn properly, move the fat elsewhere causing bumps and lumps in places that didn’t have any issues before.

Choose the right waist trainer for your body shape and size. If you want the best results, you should take your measurements and order the right size and shape for your body.  There are many guides on the internet to help you with this.  Check out the swimwear blog from Coco Bay, for more information on looking and feeling good this summer.

Health Complications Might Arise

As mentioned, the recommended time for wearing a waist trainer is 8 hours. If you wear for longer, you are bound to feel very uncomfortable and some serious health complications might arise. For instance, the irritation and sweat might cause skin infections. Also, if the waist trainer is too tight, you might become light headed and it might hinder your workout plans.

Don’t forget that the waist trainer can also displace the position of your internal organs. Eventually, you will develop heartburns and indigestion as well as more complicated health such as liver or kidney issues. They are not advisable to be used by young girls whose bodies are still developing and could be damaged by the constriction.

Mental Health Effects

Yes, the idea behind wearing waist trainers is to lose weight and fit in smaller clothes. However, there is a growing concern that there is a huge psychological effect that’s been created out of wearing the waist trainers. Yes, your waist will appear smaller but your mind gets the idea that you don’t have the perfect shape. Constantly comparing yourself will magnify and perpetuate unhappiness and hatred about your body shape.biancajade-waist-trainer-2.jpg (1000×711)

Temporary Benefits

Given the flawed science behind the wearing of waist trainers, it’s proof that they can’t reshape your body on their own. Since a waist trainer is made out of latex (industrial strength), it will reduce your waist up to 4 inches giving you the best aesthetic benefits. However, you will get back these inches immediately you remove the waist trainer.

In conclusion, a waist trainer is perfect for you if you want the temporary benefits. However, it’s not a guarantee that they will actually work. Even better, there is so much proof that you can achieve permanent solutions by using dieting and exercising methods without necessarily using a waist trainer. You need to consider whether or not they are worth the risk before buying one.