Important Information You Should Have Before An STD Test

Important Information You Should Have Before An STD Test

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Never wait for any symptoms to appear to go for STD testing if you are concerned about exposure. Many people with sexually transmitted infections will never experience any symptoms. Common ways to diagnose an STI are through a careful medical and sexual history along with urine, blood, or vaginal and urethral swab testing.

Why Should You Get An STD Test?

  • To treat any symptoms you may have
  • To prevent long term health problems
  • To prevent transmission of STDs to a partner
  • As part of infertility investigations

Sexual health testing can be a very sensitive issue for patients. Every clinics will have facilities to ensure the privacy of their clients and their test results. It is good to enquire about the clinic and the process for assessment and testing before paying a visit. You should have a good idea about the process you will undergo at the place.

Insurance Cover

If you have private health insurance, make sure to confirm with both your insurer and the clinic you intend to visit that your tests will be covered, or if you will have to pay yourself.

Difference Between Testing And Screening

They are not the same. Screening is when your doctor uses his or her discretion to send you for checking although you are not exhibiting any symptoms. Testing is done when you are showing symptoms of an STD.

Urine Tests

If you are going to have a urine test for an STD< do not urinate (pee) for 1-2 hours before giving the sample. Make sure to always wear nitrile gloves when doing a urine test. Try to collect the first bit of urine that comes out in the sample container to have the best chance of detecting any organisms.

Repeat Tests

Depending on your history, you may need to have more than 1 test, sometimes weeks or even months apart. Also, the results of your initial tests may require you to go for additional tests. Always be prepared for more testing after getting results.

Before And After

Depending on the testing you will be undergoing, your private GP will advise on what has to be adhered to before the tests. Do not have sex until you receive the results. In the case of being tested positive, your doctor will advise on the options.

A good STD clinic will advise you on the importance of staying safe during sex. Knowing your risks will help you to stay safe and protect yourself and your partner.