Inpatient Rehab And Holistic Treatment Centers In South Florida


United Recovery Project inpatient treatment begins right after detox and constitutes three main stages of our full rehabilitation process. Afterward, the fourth and final phase, discharge planning, and aftercare will be a continuous process.

URP’s inpatient programs are highly customized for each client’s needs to enable them to work on recovery at their speed and participate in activities and sessions that can best improve their physical well-being and mental state.

Below are what the three phases of inpatient treatment at URP consist of:

Stage 1: Physical and Mental Healing

The first phase of inpatient treatment at URP heavily focuses on regenerating the body and addiction’s psychological and emotional aspects. More often than not, substance abuse leaves the user physically drained, and either underweight or overweight. It further leads to chemical imbalances in the body that are difficult to overcome. Therefore, during this first phase of treatment, it’s time to begin changing all of that and recognizing why it is crucial to balance.

In this physical healing stage, we slowly harden ourclients’ exercise regimens, which they usually start toward the end of the detox. Furthermore, we continue their vitamin, mineral, and amino acid regimens, formed at the detox phase. Nutrition is core during this time, as it is during all stages of our treatment program.

The peace of mind is critical. Our clients have time to reflect and analyze whether their decisions are helpful and ways to move forward.

Stage 2: Building Life Skill sets and Learning Tools

In the second stage, clients will still carry out what they have been taught in Phase 1 while delving deeper into themselves through the practice of mindfulness and the set curriculum.

A Skillset such as Radical Acceptance helps an individual recognize one’s life without becoming upset about it. By learning to assess experience, applying tools such as analysis and positive communication, clients can practice dealing with difficulties in ways that lead to a much better result.

Stage 3: Addressing and Overcoming Core Negative Issues

Step 3 of treatment at URP mainly comprises treatment aimed at discovering the root causes of addiction, overcoming urges to relapse, and finding out that there is more to life than drugs. Despite continuous working out and other physical activities during this time, we ramp up full therapy and cutting-edge clinical treatment.

During the inpatient treatment at URP, clinically, the client will participate in:

  • Daily educational group sessions are designed to be lively, empowering, and enlightening.
  • Discharge and aftercare process that is careful and has been well thought out.
  • Family programs where the client and his or her family work through upsetting past situations.
  • Individual counseling sessions aren’t intended to discover what’s wrong with the client, but instead, help lead them on a path to self-realization.

Throughout this time, medical staff utilizes Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) to assist clients in coming up with solutions to present issues and changing old patterns of thinking and behavior. The basis for this is to look at future goals with a new site of eyes and instill positive confidence and optimism towards life again.