Keep Your Immunity Strong with These Tips

Keep Your Immunity Strong with These Tips


Your immune system works to prevent diseases, so it goes without saying that it needs to be kept strong. When it gets compromised, you can easily develop illnesses. Some signs that you have a healthy immune system include less fatigue, fewer infections, and the quick healing of wounds. There are a few things you can do to ensure your body’s natural defence works optimally. Read on to see how you can keep your immune system strong.

Make Sure Your Drinking Water is Safe

One thing people often neglect is the quality of their water. Taking water that’s contaminated with mould or asbestos can lead to various health issues. These contaminants will accumulate slowly in the body and subject the immune cells to chronic asbestos exposure. The result is that you’ll have a suppressed immune system. Thankfully, you don’t have to completely abandon tap water. You can simply get a water testing kit to find out whether your water has any contaminants. This process should be done regularly, especially if you live in an old house. After collecting the water samples, you can send them to a lab, and you’ll get the results in a few days. The company will also offer recommendations based on the test results.

Limit Your Alcohol Intake

Alcohol is commonly consumed socially, and it is easy to forget that it can have devastating impacts on your health. Consuming alcohol excessively will weaken your immune system and make you more vulnerable to other diseases. Not to mention that alcohol can cause a myriad of serious health conditions on its own. These include liver cirrhosis and various cancers.

Be Physically Active

Working out and generally staying physically active can have great benefits to the body and mind. You’ll significantly lower your risk of getting cardiovascular diseases. With a stronger immune system, you’ll also have a better chance of fighting various other illnesses. Working out doesn’t have to be a strenuous activity. If you’re obese, you can start by taking short walks, and your energy levels will improve over time.

Take Vitamin D Supplements

Vitamin D is an important nutrient that helps to strengthen the immune system. It can be obtained from fatty fish, fish liver oils, cheese, egg yolks, beef liver, and more. However, it is quite hard to get sufficient amounts of vitamin D from food alone. This is why it is recommended that you regularly take vitamin D supplements. It is also important to spend more time in the sun.


The immune system is extremely important. It protects your body from various illnesses and even keeps records of new elements so that it can effectively fight them in the future. To protect your immune system, you should make sure your water is free of contaminants like asbestos and mould. You also have to limit your alcohol intake and engage in physical activity. Finally, make sure you get sufficient vitamin D. This nutrient can be obtained from food, the sun, or supplements.