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The global output coffee in 2019 was nearly 170 million bags and it was roughly similar in the previous year. In the 12 months ending on November 2019, exports of Robusta reached 46 million bags and Arabica totaled 82 million bags. The rest of the production was used for domestic consumption within the producing countries. While these numbers might seem incredibly high, you have to remember just how much coffee is sold and consumed every day in cafes around the world.

Here Are Top Producers Of Coffee At The Moment Based On The Latest Data:

Brazil- Brazil is currently the most dominant producer of coffee and the industry started in this country about 150 years ago. The average annual production of coffee is around 2,600,000 metric tons. Coffee plantations in Brazil cover around 27,000 square kilometres of land, with 26 percent Robusta and 74 percent Arabica.

Vietnam- with the total annual production of around 1,650,000 metric tons, Vietnam is currently the second largest global coffee producer. More than 96 percent of the coffee produced in Vietnam is Robusta.

Colombia- as the third largest coffee producer, Colombia has an annual output of 810,000 metric tons with exports to Italy, Japan, France, Germany and the United States.

Indonesia- despite being the 4th largest producer, most of the output in Indonesia comes from small coffee farmers, averaging at 2 hectares of land. At the moment, Indonesia produces about 560,000 metric tons annually, with export to the United States, Japan, Eastern Europe and Russia.

India- coffee production in India is also from small farmers. Cultivation of coffee is mainly in southern states, such as Kerala, Tamil Nadu, Andhra Pradesh and Karnataka. The annual coffee production of India is around 306,000 metric tons.

Ethiopia- Ethiopia is the largest coffee producer in Africa and it becomes the main source of income for many farmers. The total annual production is 264,000 tons per year with coffee cultivation covers an area 4,000 square kilometres.

Mexico- Mexico produces around 252,000 metric tons each year and is currently the 7th largest grower globally. The most cultivated variety is Arabica with the United States as the primary export destination.

Guatemala- the climate and geography of Guatemala are perfectly suited for coffee plantations. The cultivation started in mid-19th century and it expanded rapidly due to the availability of suitable soil. The production of coffee in Honduras is about 234,000 metric tons each year.

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