Health City; The Relative Fooding Habits Of Each Zodiac And Their Best Vegan Options


Well, in this world we have made non vegetarian food our soul staple. They have become an indispensable part of all our weekdays. Sometimes as supplements meat is preferable but over an extended period, one can actually do much better without meat. Therefore here we have come up with some amazing and easily available vegan options, categorised on the basis of each zodiac as per what might be their palpable health issues. Let’s get vegan. For some more interesting cultural and astrological stuffs click on this link .


Aries normally enjoy good health and energy. The only problem is the richness of the food that they intake, that may cause them problems like acne, heartburns, excessive sweatiness or cholesterol. That’s where there need to control fooding comes from.

FOOD: Vegetables like tomatoes, broccoli, cauliflower, capsicums, and spring onions. Use of olives and olive oils preferred and eating brown rice. Fruit juices and bananas help in intestinal cooling.


Being the Earth sign, Taurus are sturdy and pretty physically strong. They have a very high endurance and immunity. All they might have issues related to hormones, specifically their thyroid. Also they might have some respiratory issues too.

FOOD: Light and subtle delights are fun. Chard cheese, cranberries and strawberries make a good meal. Lettuce, asparagus, carrots, cucumber and beet go for a colourful salad. Carbs can be avoided.


Gemini have a tendency towards mental stress and anxiety. They might also have some issues with their lungs. These might underway cause them to have sort of some nervous problems leading to sleeplessness, breakdowns and heart pressure.

FOOD: Avoid Starbucks or your regular coffee. Go for some non caffeinated food. Fruit juices and citrus may do a lot good. Yogurt, Cayenne and other vegan creams may help add taste. Tomato and lettuce salads are an amazing combo.


Cancers have a pretty weak immunity. They catch into any sort of allergy pretty soon and hence they cannot do it long enough without popping pills. Maybe something to do with their fooding habits.

FOOD: They need to avoid artificial foods like packaged drinks, snacks and sugar. They should make it to brown sugar, eating whole grain rye and wheat, lactose free yogurt, leafy salads, oats and muesli. They must include some raw ghee instead of fancy oils.


Leo enjoy a great health all through their life. They have an amazing immunity and stamina, with a lot of endurance and they know very well the art of “hitting it off”. Still their overconfidence with their health may cause them to eat some unavoidable beauties, causing them digestive disorders.

FOOD: Minimise on the amount and divide your meals. Include seeds, sunflower seeds, flax seeds or mustard seeds in your salads or breads, have some bitter veggies like kale and gourds, and some root vegetables.


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Virgo is ruled by Mercury, therefore whenever the planet twitches, so does the health of a Virgo. Regular digestive disorder including gas and heartburns may arise. Also destability and movements may be affected, due to pains and gouts.

FOOD: Avoid tomatoes and some high proteins. Keeping it simple is the key. Normal whole grain wheat and rye are great for digestion. Also fibres like apples, celery, lettuce, sprouts are good. Pinch some turmeric and organic spices in your food for digestion. Add almonds to your routine for joints.


Libra have an all throughout great health. They believe in having a balanced lifestyle and hence it surely does pay off. But they are vulnerable to some kidney disorders and disorders of the urinary system. They may also have some anxiety issues.

FOOD: Cut short on carbonated drinks and caffeine. Include a lot of water. Apples, grapes, citrus, berries, with some yogurt make a healthy salad. Cheese may be a good option too. Avoid pasta wheat. Corns and peas and other natural proteins are great.


Scorpios also suffer from a form of the urinary tract infections, and other problems of insipid, which may point out towards a defective kidney and therefore an excessive drinking disorder. They also have mobility problems.

FOOD: Avoid alcohol. Not even occasionally, what the body can’t take should not be plunged inside unnecessarily. Fruits are recommended. Black cherries, steamed vegetables, coconut, and tender coconut water are good for the detoxification of the body. Asparagus, cucumber, beet, carrots and lettuce make for a great salad. Also consume water and lime water a lot.


Sagittarius are people who easily get into the habit of merry eating, which means they eat when they have unpredictable mood swings. Therefore this type of eating includes a lot of junk and hence may put our homies on weight and fat.

FOOD: You know Mediterranean fruits are always great for hunger cravings. Have some olives, figs, dates along with you and have them when you feel hungry. Always carry some dark Belgium chocolate with you. They are light and give way to your munching habits. Eat healthy. Eat fresh vegetable soup. Eat salads and juices. Cut short on snacks.


Capricorn as compared to the other zodiacs is pretty weak. They have to get some strength on their muscles, bones and teeth. They need to build the core strength which they miserably lack sometimes and hence they might have to eat some really heavy diet.

FOOD: Rice and wheat should be staple. Eat salads, and have a lot of proteins, like soya milk, milk, dairy, and also plant proteins like beans and asparagus. Go nuts. Make your food abound in nuts and peanuts; you might love to use peanut butter. Citrus is a good option.


Aquarius might face some problems related to blood and blood circulation. They might face the problem of late coagulation, uneven clotting, thick blood, or circulatory disorders of the heart. Therefore along with good food, a good regime is also a prerequisite.

FOOD: Have a lot of figs and dates, they help blood cell formation. Also pomegranates are good. Whole wheat, whole grains, multi grains, muesli and corn are great supplements. Veggies as tomatoes, celery, cabbage, onions are great for any hormonal misbalances related to blood circulation.


Represented by the water element, they are usually healthy. But they might face some challenges regarding the fluids in the body, like in brain and blood and other problems related to liver and kidney. Also they have a drinking problem.

FOOD: A combo of a kidney and liver problem always means that a person should quit drinking at all costs. Whole grains and multi grains are always favoured. Seaweeds and other water plants are helpful in retaining the water content of the body. Grapes, peaches and plums are good supplements for sugar, alongside natural sugar. Steamed vegetables and beans are great.