Cbd In Ny

Where Is The Best Place To Find Cbd In Ny?


The best place to find CBD in NY is, by far, High Falls Hemp NY. It’s not about the profits and the glory of being successful in business. It is more about the passion behind farming and sharing a beautiful product that delivers a lot of goodness to a lot of people. Tricia and Rick, the founders of this fantastic establishment are all about family and wellness. If you are looking for high-quality CBD products from a trusted source, High Falls Hemp NY is the best place to find CBD in New York, and the rest of the world.

A Passion For Farming

It would be safe to assume that if you are interested in the wellness benefits of CBD that you would want the ingredients of what you put into your body to be as wholesome as the foods you eat. Right? The people behind High Falls Hemp NY have deep roots within the farming realm and are experts in the science behind growing healthy, amazing vegetables. Tricia grew up on a farm, and with that kind of background behind her, she is a phenomenal farmer. Life long wisdom goes into every hemp plant that springs forth on the High Falls Hemp NY farms.

Experience Matters with CBD

Having a background in farming is a huge plus when it comes to obtaining the highest excellence within the hemp that grows on the land. Growing great crops is more than luck. An experienced farmer knows how to prepare the land in order to produce healthy, strong plants. Within that experience, there is also wisdom. This is the kind of wisdom that comes from caring about the plants themselves and making sure that they are well-kept and free from diseases. Fresh, healthy hemp plants produce fresh healthy CBD products.

CBD From Our Farm to Your Hand

What makes High Falls Hemp NY the best place to obtain high-quality CBD products is the fact that our CBD comes straight from our farm to you. We don’t buy our hemp from a third party and resell somebody else’s goods under our name. From seed to harvest nobody but High Falls Hemp NY touches the plants. We handcraft our own pure, superb hemp products from scratch. Our CBD-infused supplements, tinctures, and other care products are made with love right here in New York. This is a big deal. Most times when you look deeper into a CBD product provider you will find that they are only a third party with a hollow name. Kind of like a storefront. This is not the case with High Falls Hemp NY, we grow and produce our own CBD holistic wellness products. And plan to continue to do so for a long, long time.

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Personal Experience with CBD

When searching for high-quality CBD products that you can be sure will be able to meet your needs it is best to have proof that the product is amazing before you even try it. Here is some information that will provide you with an in-depth look behind the quality and passion of High Falls Hemp NY’s CBD products. Both the founder and co-founder of High Falls Hemp NY were involved in a car accident that left them with chronic pain. It was this pain that inspired Tricia and Rick to look for holistic alternatives for pain relief. They both heard about CBD and decided to try it out. Much to their delight, they discovered that it actually worked and brought the relief they had been looking for. Because of this discovery, they were able to rely less on prescription medications. If CBD worked for them, it might work for you too.  We do recommend that you consult with your physician and work with them on what the best solutions are specifically for you.