Learn More About Fake Urine Expiration Date

Learn More About Fake Urine Expiration Date

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Fake or synthetic urine is one of the best weapons that will help you pass a urine drug test. The main idea is to get a perfect substitute that will completely resemble natural urine, but without traces of illegal drugs that may lead you to fail it and be fired as a result.

It is an excellent way to avoid getting penalties due to cannabis consumption. Since it is almost identical as the real thing, it features appropriate levels of uric acid, creatine, nitrates, urea as well as pH levels that will ensure that lab technicians use the sample as the relevant one.

Another important consideration is the balance of minerals inside as well as unique smell that will ultimately give them idea that you provided a sample directly and without tampering with the results.

How Should You Use It?

First, you have to understand that a drug test is a professional analysis of your biological specimen, in this case, urine, with an idea to determine the presence of banned substances and patterns of consumption.

Urinalysis is the most common choice for both federal and private sector employers, which are why people are finding a way to get, pass it without affecting their lifestyles.

Remember that drug screenings are a necessary part of pre-employment process, but employer can do it for current employers in case of reasonable doubt such as accident or before the promotion.

Since the penalties for failing the test can lead to terminating a contract or declining your job application, people are turning to synthetic urine as the best alternative that will allow them to pass it with ease.

Remember that high-quality fake pee will provide you the ability to pass it. However, the problem lies in the idea that most labs are continually advancing and upgrading their levels of security so that they may detect the bad ones due to common preservatives used inside.

At the same time, the legislation of cannabis in some states allowed people to consume cannabis, which means that regulations for weed testing may change in the future, and that will affect the synthetic urine market.

Understand that you cannot purchase fake pee in the closest convenience or drug store, which is why you should either find it through online vendors or go to your nearest sex shop.

So, if you asked yourself if does it go bad, the answer is, it may if you do not store it properly.

In most cases, it comes with a heating pad so that you can hold the sample safely and maintain the body temperature because neglecting a temperature is the main reason why people fail even if they submit the fake sample.

You will also get a small tube that you can attach, and it will simulate the real urinating, which may be beneficial in case you have to do it under supervision and constant eye contact.

You can find it in two forms, the first one is already mixed, and you have to use it in the next 24 hours after opening it.

On the other hand, powdered solutions will last longer, but you have to mix manually, match the consistency and temperature following the instructions, and use it in the next eight hours after doing it.

Remember that getting caught and being positive on a drug test can be horrible experience that may lead to terminating a working agreement and other problems as well.

However, the problem lies in the idea that you will not be able to detoxify in timely manner especially if you have a screening on short notice, and you consume weed regularly. The best way to get past this is to find proper synthetic urine to help you along the way.

Remember that fresh samples are the most reliable, and in the best case, you will buy and use it the same day. However, if your test is canceled, and you still have a bottle of fake pee, the logical question is whether you can stock it up for the next time.

How Long Does a Fake Pee Last?

Similarly, as most products available on the market, synthetic urine also comes with expiration date as well as shelf life. In most cases, they tend to last between a few months and a few years depending on the brand, manufacturer, and type of product and storage conditions.

Some of them, such as Quick Fix, for instance, will last approximately 24 months. It is vital to learn how to take care of the sample so that you can get the best results possible. We are talking about storing it correctly, avoid exposure to harsh temperatures and using it as soon as possible.

Remember that it has to contain proper pH balance as well as other compounds such as specific gravity and levels of creatinine. The best way to understand the optimal urine pH levels is by clicking here.

At first, labs will check out the consistency of the specimen they took, which means that they will rule out the possibility of synthetic pee before the screening even starts.

If they notice the different chemical properties, they can either make you take another test or fail you without a second chance.

Tips for Keeping a Fake Pee Fresh

  • Store It In Cool and Dry Place – The worst thing that you can do is to leave the bottle right on the sun because exposure will affect its pH balance, which means that you will not be able to pass the test. Always store it in dry and cool place outside the sunlight and weather exposure.
  • Open Only When Necessary – Remember that the degradation starts soon after you expose it to oxygen, which means that you should avoid breaking the seal unless you have to do it. In case you already opened it, we recommend you to store it in an airtight container so that you can preserve most of it.
  • Avoid Numerous Reheating – Some brands are affected by extreme temperatures, which means that you have to maintain a stable and balanced temperature so that you can maintain its efficiency and chemical properties.