What Is Teeth Straightening Surgery?

What Is Teeth Straightening Surgery?

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Orthognathic or teeth straightening surgery corrects severe malocclusion by shifting your jawbones into a more advantageous position. Your orthodontist might suggest this surgery if a significant jaw misalignment is the cause of your terrible bite. Correcting speech and chewing problems with this operation may improve your entire health and enjoyment of life.

Even with orthognathic surgery, you may need conventional aligner or braces therapy to get a straight smile. Most of the time, you will need one of these procedures to finish straightening your teeth and regain your smile.

The Advantages of Straightening Teeth

In today’s world, straightening teeth is becoming increasingly common for aesthetics and health reasons. Here are just a few advantages:

Healthier Gums

The process of straightening your teeth encourages the gums to grow around your teeth more naturally, which is very beneficial for maintaining the health of your gums. In addition to promoting a better gum structure, this strengthens the body’s defence against periodontal disease.

Easier to Clean

When teeth are formed straighter, they are simpler to clean.

As a result, it becomes exceedingly difficult to clean these places, and they offer tiny, moist crevices where germs, plaque, and sugar can accumulate. This may result in foul breath, gum disease, and tooth decay. In addition, bacterial overgrowth in our mouths can put our immune systems under stress, making us more vulnerable to various issues.

Plaque is more prone to form on crooked teeth, and oral hygiene is more likely to deteriorate. Straight teeth make cleaning easier and maintenance simpler.

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Improves self-esteem

It should come as no surprise that having a clean, healthy smile will boost your self-esteem and overall attractiveness. Many people get their teeth straightened to improve their oral hygiene and appearance. According to studies, straightening your teeth has various positive effects on your health, including better memory and reduced stress.

How Do Clear Aligners Work for teeth straightening?

The same principle traditional metal braces use to straighten teeth also applies to clear aligners. The firm aligner trays put steady pressure on the patient’s teeth, slowly moving them into place.

These aligner trays give you more freedom than traditional metal braces, which always have to stay in place. This restricts how much the treatment interferes with the patient’s daily activities because they can go out for meals or to get their teeth cleaned. There is yet another fantastic advantage to clear aligners.

For the therapy to succeed, clear aligners must be worn for around 20 hours daily. Before beginning the procedure, the dentist will digitally photograph the patient’s teeth. A computer model of the patient’s teeth will be made using these photographs. The aligner trays the patient will utilize throughout their therapy are then created using this model.

Before moving on to the next set in the series, the patient wears each set of aligners for two weeks. Each set of aligners moves the patient’s teeth closer to how they should be. One year is the typical length of therapy with clear aligners. While more severe alignment concerns may take up to two years, minor ones can be resolved in as little as six months.

Bottom Line

If you want to improve your smile, straighten your teeth, and boost your overall health, it is time to take action! Talk to an orthodontist like Urban Smile about the best options for you to get on the path of having straighter teeth and better oral hygiene. Do not wait any longer – start taking control of your dental health today!